Horrific plane fireball kills 13 including two children as Russian Sukhoi Superjet with 78 on board crash lands

The Russian plane exploded in a fireball as it made an emergency landing at Moscow's main international airport today

At least thirteen people were killed when a Russian plane exploded into flames mid-air as it made an emergency landing at Moscow’s main international airport.

Two children are among those confirmed dead following the inferno on the Sukhoi Superjet at Sheremetyevo airport on Sunday, the Russian Investigative Committee said.

Terrified passengers were seen fleeing the Russian national carrier Aeroflot plane as flames flared from the rear of the aircraft with 78 on board.

The Russian-built aircraft made an emergency landing soon after take-off from Russia’s capital to the Arctic city of Murmansk.

Smoke and flames can be seen bursting from the aircraft in Moscow, Russia, on Sunday. The cause of the fire remains unclear

An airport official said that ‘many passengers delayed emergency evacuation – because against all instructions – they were picking up hand luggage from overhead compartments.’ 

Initial indications suggest an electrical fault might have caused the fire while the plane was in the air. 

Terrified passengers scrambled to evacuate the aircraft at Moscow’s main international airport after the fire took hold
Aeroflot said the passenger plane was forced to turn back after takeoff because of technical problems.
In a brief statement on Sunday, it said the engines of the Sukhoi SSJ100 were burning after the aircraft landed, but the sequence of events before and after the fire started was not clear.
Some Russian news reports cited sources as saying the plane headed back to the airport after a fire was detected in flight. Others said the plane made a hard landing that could have caused the engines to catch fire. 
Interfax agency reported that the plane, a Russian-made Superjet-100, had just taken off from Sheremetyevo airport on a domestic route when the crew issued a distress signal.
‘It attempted an emergency landing but did not succeed the first time, and on the second time the landing gear hit (the ground), then the nose did, and it caught fire,’ a source said. 
It reported that the tail was completely burned and said a rescue team was trying to find survivors in that part of the plane.  
Ambulances were sent to the scene of the landing and the passengers were evacuated, with the airport now closed for arrivals and departures.