Holness says measures coming to address indiscipline on roads

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, says measures are being put in place to deal with indiscipline and lack of respect for law and order on the nation’s roads.

Speaking at the opening of the new Jaguar Land Rover showroom in Kingston on February 12, he said that while there has been an increase in the number of people ticketed for traffic violations, the Government will be integrating technology into the physical infrastructure, to ensure compliance.

“We will increase the number of cameras that are now being installed and rolled out for JamaicaEye. We will increase the number of cameras for photo enforcement…cameras that are able to read licence plates, detect speeding and other sensors to help us manage traffic,” the Prime Minister said.

Holness said that the measures will be rolled out in the coming year in a significant way, first right across Kingston and other urban areas, and then right across Jamaica.


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