Holness leads tributes to Dr Baugh

Prime Minister Andrew Holness led the tributes to former Deputy Prime Minister Dr Kenneth Baugh, who died yesterday aged 78.

Those joining the prime minister included former Prime Minister Bruce Golding, Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips and Cabinet Minister Olivia Grange

“Dr Baugh was a true gentleman of Jamaican politics,” Holness stated. “He was known to many as a kind person. He exemplified dignity and integrity throughout his life. He was universally respected. Both sides of the political aisle respected him. He will be sadly missed. His death will leave a void,” the prime minister stated.

Dr Baugh served as deputy to Golding when he led Jamaica from 2007 to 2011, representing the people of St Catherine West Central in the House of Representatives at the time.

Describing Dr Baugh as an example of integrity, Golding said the late parliamentarian was a person of impeccable character.

“I am deeply saddened at the passing of Dr Ken Baugh. While not unexpected in view of his prolonged illness, it is still painful to those of us who knew him well and worked closely with him,” Golding said in his tribute.


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