Holidaymaker 59, Who was accused of having sex with a Boy 14 is cleared of all Charges

A fifty-nine  year old woman accused of having sex with a 14-old-boy on holiday in Ibiza has been cleared.

Gail Dickinson, of Glenrothes, Fife, was charged after the schoolboy’s grandmother claimed she saw them having sex on the balcony at an apartment in San Antonio in June.

But on the second day of her trial at Dunfermline Sheriff Court she said he raped her and the jury cleared her of all charges.

Jurors returned a ‘not proven’ verdict on the charges of engaging and instigating sexual activity with a minor, and not guilty on two related charges.

She smiled as she left court this afternoon, telling reporters: ‘Justice has been served’.

The boy’s relatives were visibly upset.

Earlier today, as a spokesman for the jury read out the verdict, Dickinson was seen to be dabbing her eyes with a tissue.  She was then told by the judge that she was free to go.

Ms Dickinson immediately left her seat and joined family and friends where she could be seen visibly crying and relived.

One of her family members or friends hugged her with her arm around her.

One woman with them looked at Dickinson and shook her head, saying: ‘So wrong.’

As Dickinson continued to cry, the woman remarked: ‘You know what you did.’

Earlier today, Ms Dickinson told the jury: ‘It happened right out of the blue. I couldn’t believe how fast it happened. I just remember him pushing his thing into my mouth.

‘I went into a state of total shock. I managed to push him back and I was saying, ‘No, stop it.’I ran out on to the balcony and he came charging after me,’ reports The Daily Record.

Ms Dickinson said sexual intercourse did not take place, but when pressured by prosecutors she said he forced oral sex on her.

She told jurors the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was ‘obsessed’ with having sex with her and it left her ‘terrified’.

Yesterday the court was told that during the holiday the schoolboy’s grandmother heard Ms Dickinson telling him: ‘You’ve got a lovely package there.’

She said she had split up the pair when she found them in the living room and her grandson was partially naked and ‘clearly aroused.’

She then told him to go to bed but later heard whispering from the balcony.

When she looked through a gap in the curtains, she saw the pair engaged in sexual intercourse, she claimed.

She then told the court that she saw Dickinson performing a sex act on the boy and added: ‘I could tell from his face he was enjoying it.’

She added that Dickinson was ‘making demands’ and the boy was following ‘like a robot.’ She added: ‘It was a horrible situation. I couldn’t believe it.’

But she told how she was too shocked to intervene adding: ‘I didn’t want a rumpus to start’.

Earlier the boy gave evidence via video link, saying he had been out for drinks in the evening with his mother and Dickinson.

He admitted he was ‘pretty drunk’ when they returned to the flat, and told how ‘Gail was coming on to me… She was touching my shoulders and legs.’

He told how he went to bed, but later went back to Dickinson, who led him out on to the balcony where they had sex.

He told the court: ‘I was stunned it happened. When I woke up in the morning I felt pretty rubbish. I regretted it. It wouldn’t have happened if I was sober.’

Dickinson denied that she engaged in sexual activity with the boy by kissing him on the lips, touching his body, performing oral sex on him and engaging in sexual intercourse in June last year.