HMS Medway returns to Antigua and Barbuda for Independence Celebrations

HMS Medway has returned to Antigua and Barbuda for a five-day visit, as a mark of
respect for the country’s 40th Anniversary of Independence and to take part in the

Resident British Commissioner to Antigua and Barbuda, Lindsy Thompson said: “I’m delighted the Commanding Officer, Commander Chris Hollingworth and the Commander of the UK’s Caribbean Task Group, Commander Brian Trim are able to join the nation’s festivities on 1 November. We are also particularly touched that Chief of Defence Staff, Colonel Telbert Benjamin, has graciously invited sailors from HMS Medway to take part in the parade.”

The Governor-General along with the Attorney General and other senior members of
Antigua and Barbuda’s legal, defence, and policing Departments have also been invited to attend a luncheon on board the ship to celebrate the Anniversary.

Commander Brian Trim said: “We are honoured to have been invited to celebrate with you, as Antigua and Barbuda mark 40 years of Independence. This will be Medway’s fourth visit in recent months, and I’m grateful for the warm welcome the ship always receives. Our partnership with Antigua and Barbuda is important to us and I look forward to more cooperation in the future.”

Since the ship’s last visit in September, HMS Medway has been busy patrolling at sea. Last weekend, the ship completed a rewarding visit to the Virgin Islands where a series of events took place, focused on improving our shared knowledge of disaster relief responses.

The UK’s Caribbean Task Group has helped the UK increase its understanding of the vulnerability and challenges of SIDS. This includes facilitating COP Presidentdesignate, UK Minister Alok Sharma’s visit to Antigua and Barbuda in July.

On the latter island Minister Sharma saw some of the devastation caused to Barbuda by
Hurricane Irma and how the island’s communities are recovering and building resilience to natural disasters.

Medway provides a permanent presence in the Caribbean and during the hurricane season is joined by another ship to form the UK’s Caribbean Task Group, which is ready and prepared to provide immediate support in the event of a natural disaster in the region.


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