High COVID-19 recovery rate in Manchester

There is a high recovery rate among COVID-19 patients in this south-central parish, with 90 per cent of the 396 confirmed cases having recuperated.

Up to yesterday, there were only 23 active COVID-19 cases in the parish. Manchester has seen 17 people die from the virus since its onset in March.

Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr Shonette Blair-Walters, who was speaking at the monthly meeting of the Manchester Municipal Corporation yesterday, disclosed that four people with the disease have been hospitalised.

“…Eighteen people are in home isolation. The remaining persons are in hospital, not just here in Manchester. There is also a person who is in a government-run facility. If you [look at] the numbers, you will observe that most of the persons who had [tested] positive for COVID have actually recovered,” she said.

The medical officer also said that 905 people in Manchester are in home quarantine, including those who would have recently entered the country and close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Blair-Walters said the Manchester Health Department has increased its surveillance activities at three facilities.

“… One is a privately owned facility, and two are government-run facilities. We are having increased monitoring for these facilities and the agencies are cooperating, to the best of their ability at this time, to resolve the issues that have been identified,” she said, adding that the health department continues to monitor nursing homes, children’s homes, and some schools that have been reopened for limited face-to-face classes.

“The environmental team from the health department has been guiding these schools,” she added.

Mile Gully Primary and Devon Primary schools are that two institutions in the parish that resumed face-to-face classes on Tuesday. They are both located in northern Manchester.

In terms of nursing homes, deputy chief public health inspector in the parish, Joel Myers, said that 80 per cent of them are compliant with established infection prevention and control measures.

“On record, we have 24 nursing homes; they are [being] monitored. With respect to COVID, near 80 per cent of those homes have met the compliance and we are working with those that have not fully met the compliance [requirement],” he said.


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