Health Offical Concerned About the Upsurge In Covid Deaths

As the country’s covid-19 deaths continue to rise alongside new infections, one health official is warning that drastic action needs to be taken now to prevent the situation from deteriorating even further. More than 5 deaths have been recorded in the last 24 to 48 hours and a number of active cases are also increasing. Dr. Courtney Lewis says some measures were relaxed a few months ago, the threat level has been raised by what is now the most dangerous of the covid-19 variants.

“We say amongst ourselves, we the medical community, that the Delta variant has changed the game, the Delta variant has burst all bubbles. Before you would assume that you were safe doing certain measures against the wild type or against Alpha, if you are vaccinated, if you are masked up, if you are sanitized, you could have some gatherings, you could  do party’s and fetes and things like that,if people were all vaccinated or if they adhere to certain protocols. Delta very soon just did away with all of that, delta just doesn’t seem to respect much”

 As the virus continues to spread and mutate, Dr. Lewis says everyone needs to play their part to arrest this crisis before it gets out of control.

“It was warned pretty earlier on, that the more we took this pandemic for granted, the more variants would be created and the more variations we  would see and the more Covid would learn to adapt to us and how to beat our defense mechanism. I think delta was the first kind of wake up call to a lot of the society , that is exactly what this disease is doing, it’s learning how to beat us, and it’s learning how to fight us, and if we are not careful we are going to arrive very shortly at a state where we don’t really have many effective weapons against it.”

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