Health Ministry signs agreement with 11 private facilities to give COVID vaccination

The Ministry of Health and Wellness on Monday, signed agreements with 11 private entities to support the roll-out of the National Vaccination Programme.

“We recently announced the plan to expand our vaccination access points, through collaboration with private health facilities, notably private hospitals and health centres, doctors’ offices and pharmacies; as well as with faith- and community-based organisations,” Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton sais.

“Today we are signing the first set of contracts that breathe life into those plans, as we move to accelerate vaccination islandwide, to prevent severe illness, hospitalisation and death associated with COVID-19,” the minister added.

The entities, which will add to the existing 55 fixed vaccination sites, are:

  • Vein Centres of Jamaica;
  • Health Plus Associates;
  • Online Medics;
  • Fontana Limited;
  • Portmore Health Complex;
  • Windsor Wellness Centre;
  • Baywest Wellness Hospital;
  • Winchester Surgical and Medical Institute/Winchester Laboratory;
  • Hospiten;
  • Medical Associates; and
  • the private practice of Dr Michelle Holt, Nuttall Medical Centre, Kingston.

“In agreeing to partner on the execution of the National Vaccination Programme, these entities – at no cost to the public – are required to not only provide COVID-19 vaccination administration and processing of vaccination registration, but also to provide adequate staffing to accomplish vaccination, registration and address client questions and concerns,” the minister explained.

Among other things, the vaccination centres are also to:

  • have systems and protocols in place to handle possible urgent adverse events following vaccination;
  • secure sufficient quantities of vaccine-associated supplies (such as personal protective equipment and specialised storage equipment);
  • maintain vaccine records and documentation;
  • as well as provide a completed Ministry of Health and Wellness COVID-19 Vaccination Card to vaccine recipients and dispose of waste associated with the services.

Up to 9:00 am this morning (Monday, September 27) Jamaica had administered 738,500 doses of COVID-19 vaccines. Of that number 499,035 were first doses, 214,070 were second doses and 25,395 were single doses.

“As a Ministry of Health and Wellness, we are pulling out the stops to afford members of the public every opportunity to get vaccinated, even as we urge the continued adherence to infection prevention and control protocols, notably mask wearing, hand washing and physical distancing,” Tufton said.