Health Minister Not In favour of Parking Policy At MSJMC

The Minister of Health has told the Cabinet that the Board of the Mount St. John Medical Center (MSJMC) has made an unwise decision to limit parking in the Hospital’s parking lots to its workers only, during certain hours of the workday. The Minister reported that he was informed after the policy was put into effect, during his absence from the state, and that the Board Chairman indicated upon his return that the legislation allowed the Board to make these decisions independent of the Minister of Health. The Minister is of the view that the treatment accorded patients and their families who drive to the MSJMC is poorly reflected by the Board’s decision. The Cabinet authorized the Minister to hold discussions with the Board in a determination to change that policy. The Minister of Health also reported on The Annual World No Tobacco Day Award which Antigua and Barbuda will receive from the World Health Organization for passage of the country’s anti-tobacco legislation, on May 31, 2019. The WHO will award six individuals, organizations and authorities from the Americas—including one each from Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, the USA, Uruguay and Antigua and Barbuda—for approving, within a single piece of comprehensive legislation, a ban on smoking in certain places, including the workplace, and for banning advertisement for tobacco advertising and sponsorship of public events, among other criteria. Antigua and Barbuda is a trailblazer.