Haitian police arrest most wanted gang leader

Police say they have captured the country’s most wanted criminal, Arnel Joseph, who had earlier challenged law enforcement authorities to arrest him despite having a two million Gourde (One Haitian Gourde=US$0.01 cents) reward on his head.

Police said that the gang leader was captured late Monday by units of the South National Police and took place at the hospital Lumière of Bonne-Fin, a few kilometres from the city of Les Cayes.

Joseph had undergone surgery for a leg injury sustained during a clash with members of another gang in June resulting in the deaths of eight people and several others wounded.

For more than a year, Joseph had managed to escape several attempts by the police to arrest him and each time in retaliation he attacked police stations.

The authorities said his arrest ends more than a year of criminal activity by the country’s most wanted and dangerous gang leader. He is expected to be transferred shortly to the capital, Port-au-Prince.