Guyana Govt to fully pay for Police Commanders, other ranks to pursue degrees, masters

(INEWS)President Dr Irfaan Ali on Tuesday announced that the Guyana Government will fully pay for Commanders and other ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to pursue degrees and masters programmes at the University of Guyana.

He made the announcement yesterday whilst attending the Force’s Annual Christmas Breakfast.

“For every person that is the Commander of a branch or division, we would, pay in full, improvement in their education. Every single rank who is the Commander at the branch or regional level, you must at least pursue a degree and those who already have a degree, next year we are going to enroll you in a masters programme at the University of Guyana in defence studies because we have to ensure we give you the strategic tool and education is the most important strategic tool,” President Ali revealed.

He noted too that of the 250 ranks who will be receiving awards this year for their exceptional performance, the top 50 will be given the same educational opportunities.
“We must not only have a highly talented Police Force, we must have a highly trained Police Force with educational tools,” President Ali said.

The Head of State noted that it is important for the GPF to be abreast with the govenrment’s developmental agenda, which will guide their own policing strategies. President Ali also made it clear that those who fail to get on board will be left behind.

“Those who have negative attitude and those who seem unwilling to be part of the future of this country by stepping up to your responsibility, sadly you will be left behind and I have no apology in saying this,” President Ali posited.

“I am not asking anyone of you to be politicians or to love me or love the PPP or love the government, I am asking you to love your country, love your job and love the people of this country…and if you can’t do that, I’m sorry…the vessel will move without you,” President Ali expressed.


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