Guyana gov’t “regrets” US interpretation of tribute resolution for Abdul Kadir

The Guyana government on Monday said it regretted the United States’ (US) condemnation of the National Assembly’s passage of a resolution in tribute to former lawmaker, Abdul Kadir, who died last year in an American prison where he had been serving life imprisonment for terrorism charges.

“The Government of Guyana regrets the interpretation given to the motion passed in the National Assembly on April 26 on the death of Abdul Kadir, a former Member of Parliament,” government said.

The Guyana government sought to assure that the motion was merely to recognise Kadir’s service as a parliamentarian and not as a convicted terrorist in another country.

“The Government of Guyana asserts that it had no intention of conveying the impression that the motion was designed to honour a former MP convicted of terrorism in another jurisdiction. The motion recognises the member’s service as a parliamentarian,” the David Granger-led coalition administration added.

Government instead said it was committed to the fight against terrorism. “The Government of Guyana continues to condemn terrorism in the strongest possible way. The Government of Guyana reaffirms its commitment to continue and intensify the fight against terrorism in any form and is proud of its record to date in this regard,” the administration said.

According to government, it is a time-honoured convention for the National Assembly to observe, in a standard and solemn form, the work of former Members who are deceased.