Gunshots disrupt funeral

Pandemonium broke out in a St Michael community yesterday as people fled gunplay.

Around 2:50 p.m. gunshots rang out in King Street, The City, disrupting a funeral taking place at a church and causing masked mourners to scamper.

Startled and shocked, those in the church sprang from their seats when about ten gunshots pierced the solemnity of the funeral service of 24-year-old Rashad Griffith Bushell, of George Street, St Michael, who died on September 20. The service was held at the King Street Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

This incident also forced a lockdown at the nearby Wesley Hall Infants School, where terrified children hid under tables.

“There was a funeral service in procession at a church in the area when members of the public and the congregation reported hearing a series of loud explosions which caused many of them to scamper, causing disruption to the service,” the police report said. 


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