Gunfire all night as reputed gangsters killed

Two were shot dead in Laventille on Wednesday. One is the reputed leader of the Rasta City gang.

The dead have been identified as 31-year-old Dexter Joseph, AKA Pull Skin of Upper St Barbs, Laventille, and 34-year-old Joel Moore, of Red Hill, Morvant.

Pull Skin is being named as the leader of the St Barbs branch of the Rasta City gang.

A third man, Jermaine King, 25, of Laventille Road, was shot.

Police were told that at about 8.30p.m. yesterday, the men were with others at Blundell Alley, Laventille, when a vehicle drove past them.

A passenger began shooting.

The three were taken to hospital.

King survived. He was shot in the buttocks.

A team of officers led by Cpl White visited the scene but only after a large show of force by responding police units who searched vehicles and people in the area.

Long after the officers had left, there was rapid gunfire during the course of the night.

In Port of Spain, at about 9.15pm., Christopher Mack was shot in his chest while walking along Independence Square.

He said upon reaching the vicinity of the home for the socially displaced persons, he was confronted a man dressed in dark clothing, who shot at him for no reason.

Mack, 46, of Morvant, ran all the way to the Besson Street Police Station.

Officers rushed him to the General Hospital where he was treated.


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