Griffith: I do not choke

Po­lice Com­mis­sion­er Gary Grif­fith says uni­formed of­fi­cers and me­dia per­son­al­i­ties who are al­leged­ly work­ing to take him down, “have played their hands and have now ex­posed them­selves.”

He made the brief state­ment about the on­go­ing mat­ter in which he’s al­leged­ly be­come the tar­get of a “com­mit­tee” of un­scrupu­lous per­sons want­i­ng to oust him from of­fice.

Fol­low­ing a Sun­day Ex­press re­port on No­vem­ber 24 which re­port­ed that Grif­fith had choked Ce­cil Ju­nior Skeete and held a gun to his head whilst he was in cus­tody in June, Grif­fith said, “There was nev­er an is­sue of me chok­ing any­one. There were wit­ness­es that can con­firm.”

In the re­port writ­ten by Denyse Renne – it was al­leged that Skeete had made a re­port at the Four Roads Po­lice Sta­tion fol­low­ing his de­ten­tion, doc­u­ment­ing Grif­fith’s ac­tions and be­hav­ior.

How­ev­er, in a five-page af­fi­davit dat­ed No­vem­ber 26, Skeete pro­vid­ed a sworn state­ment dur­ing which he de­nied Grif­fith had ever touched him.

Skeete ad­mit­ted that while the CoP had dis­played a firm and ag­gres­sive stance dur­ing his in­ter­ro­ga­tion, Grif­fith nev­er had any phys­i­cal con­tact with him, nor did he threat­en his life or per­son­al safe­ty.

Skeete, who lives at Hen­der­son Lands, Co­corite de­scribed the ar­ti­cle as in­ac­cu­rate and mis­lead­ing.

Grif­fith has since said, “To the mis­chie­vous char­ac­ters who or­ches­trat­ed this plot, both those in and out of uni­form, they played their hand and have now ex­posed them­selves.”

The CoP warned, “I am not the Guyana Ama­zon War­riors or Mes­si. I do not choke.”

The Le­gal De­part­ment of the Trinidad and To­ba­go Po­lice Ser­vice (TTPS) has launched an in­ves­ti­ga­tion in­to the mat­ter, while two po­lice of­fi­cers have been trans­ferred out of the West­ern Di­vi­sion fol­low­ing al­le­ga­tions that they have been col­lud­ing with gangs.


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