Griffith angry at criticism of partying as murders rise

Po­lice Com­mis­sion­er Gary Grif­fith is dis­miss­ing crit­i­cisms of a video cir­cu­lat­ing on so­cial me­dia show­ing him and a so­ca artists danc­ing at his End of Year event.

The video has re­ceived mixed re­spons­es with some peo­ple be­ing crit­i­cal of the par­ty­ing while the mur­der rate re­mains at close to record lev­els, while oth­ers say he is hu­man and al­so needs a break.

At the event which was at­tend­ed by politi­cians, busi­ness­men and mem­bers of the diplo­mat­ic corps Grif­fith ad­mit­ted it has been a dif­fi­cult year for him and his fam­i­ly even re­veal­ing that it has neg­a­tive­ly im­pact­ed his health.

In a What­sApp con­ver­sa­tion with Grif­fith about the video and the neg­a­tive feel­ings it could evoke amongst vic­tims of crime the Com­mis­sion­er replied: “Your Group Chair­man and CEO al­so at­tend­ed. And?”

The 35-sec­ond video, which showed Grif­fith and so­ca artiste Iw­er George singing to George’s hit “Show Me Your Rag” while oth­er par­ty-go­ers jumped and danced was tak­en at the End of Year Cock­tail Re­cep­tion host­ed by Grif­fith and his wife, Nicole Dy­er-Grif­fith at the Com­mis­sion­er’s of­fi­cial res­i­dence in St James on Sat­ur­day night.

When told of the crit­i­cisms about him to par­ty­ing while more than 500 cit­i­zens had been mur­dered un­der his watch and asked to re­spond to those crit­ics, Grif­fith wrote, “I would con­tact your Group Chair­man and let him know of your con­cern and he was “par­ty­ing as well.”

Grif­fith then sought to give ca­reer ad­vice, writ­ing, “Maybe you should join a tacky week­ly gos­sip tabloid. It may be more ap­pro­pri­ate. You are so idle to be con­cerned about the views of less than 5% of bac­cha­nal­ists. Says a lot. Or maybe lack of news?”

Asked again to re­spond to the crit­i­cisms, Grif­fith wrote, “You need help.”

The Com­mis­sion­er came to of­fice promis­ing a re­duc­tion in crime and in mur­ders as­sur­ing that is the bench­mark he in­tends to be judged by. Since com­ing to pow­er he has presided over the sec­ond high­est mur­der rate in the coun­try’s his­to­ry.


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