Griffith alleges govt official could be charged for misbehaviour

Former Commissioner of Police (CoP) Gary Griffith claimed yesterday that he handed over a report that could have led to a government official being charged for misbehaviour in office or sedition.

Griffith was speaking on the Morning Panchayat radio programme on Aakash Vani 106.1 FM.

Griffith alleged that he has “reports from previous Police Service Commission members who have admitted that there was deliberate government interference that directed Miss (Bliss) Seepersad to withdraw the merit list from President’s House.

“That is misbehaviour in office, if not sedition, trying to remove a sitting CoP,” Griffith added.

He disclosed that after handing over the report to the police, the acting CoP McDonald Jacob after four months did not “have the common courtesy to acknowledge my report to have it investigated,” and said that shows “a lot of lack of confidence and trust in the Police Service.”

Meanwhile, Griffith’s attorney Larry Lalla indicated yesterday that he is still waiting to hear from the PSC.

In November, Lalla sent a letter to new Police Service Commission (PSC) chairman retired Justice Judith Jones for an update on the status of the merit list which was presented to the President in August but immediately withdrawn.

Lalla wrote to Jones the same day she and four other members of the PSC were sworn in by President Paula-Mae Weekes.

Lalla, in the letter, indicated that Griffith had a legitimate expectation that the merit list of candidates for Commissioner would be re-submitted to the President.


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