Grenada’s dengue cases rising

The Ministry of Health here is reporting a significant increase in the number of confirmed cases of dengue fever with the parishes of St David, St George’s and St Andrew recording 29 cases in week 38, when compared to week 37 when there were only nine.

“A marked increase in dengue cases has been observed as the outbreak progresses. Dengue type 3 was confirmed by CARPHA for a case reported in epidemiological week 37 from the district of St David,” said the Weekly Communicable Disease Surveillance Report.

Dengue type three is more severe in terms of body aches and pains when compared with other strains of the mosquito-borne disease.

According to the ministry, the total number of cases so far this year is 118 which almost surpasses the total cases for 2019 in which a total of 123 persons were diagnosed from January to December.

According to Health Minister Nicholas Steele, the ministry will be increasing its fogging operations but persons have also been asked to clean up surrounding areas.

The increase in the number of cases of dengue comes even as neighbouring St Vincent and the Grenadines grapples with an outbreak that has claimed the lives of at least two people.


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