Greenaway Family Lawyers Demand Swift and Decisive Action To Solve Killing

Lake & Kentish, lawyers representing the family of the late Bruce Greenaway released a statement today on his killing.

Here is the full statement:

The family of the late Bruce Greenaway wishes to thank those persons in Antigua and Barbuda , the United States of America, and elsewhere who have expressed their condolences and support.

The family is preparing to bury their loved one but are undeterred in their quest for Justice. Attorneys at Law Kendrickson Kentish and Gail Christian have been retained to represent the family’s interests.

While his entire family is grieving, we must remember his two children who must live with the knowledge that their father’s life was brutally and most savagely taken for no just cause.

Their interests and well being must be secured, and appropriate legal remedies will be pursued in due course. Many witnesses have come forward to provide evidence of what they saw and heard on the last day that Bruce Greenaway was seen alive. We urge persons who have relevant evidence to provide the same to the family or to the police. We are all our brother’s keepers and we all have a stake in seeing that justice is done.

The family is encouraged that the Commissioner of Police has made contact with the family and publicly declared that the investigation is at an advanced stage. Nevertheless, we must remain engaged and  vigilant. Whilst we would not presume to direct the Investigators or the Office of the DPP we have knowledge of some of the evidence garnered thus far and we say that the quality of the evidence and the fact that the investigations are at such an advanced stage strongly vitiates against any call for an inquiry.

The pursuit of justice for Bruce is the pursuit of justice for each and everyone of us. More importantly, while we pursue justice for Bruce, we must all be temperate , accurate and fair in all public statements in this sensitive matter.

No one is above the Law and we are demanding that swift and decisive action be taken in respect of those against whom the evidence of wrong doing is markedly compelling
Keep that flame for justice alive.


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