Green leading trade mission to Cuba

Minister of state in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Floyd Green, is leading a Jamaican delegation at the 16th Expo Caribe International Trade Fair.

The team left for Cuba yesterday for the four-day trade fair, with a mission to take full advantage of the opportunities for business, trade, and investment between Jamaica and Cuba.

Minister Green said the expo will serve as a continuation of the trade discussions between both countries as an avenue to form partnerships among businesses, and provide insight on how to satisfy the conditions needed to access the Cuban market.

“Cuba has a market that has considerable potential for Jamaican goods and services. The country imports over 70 per cent of its food for a market of over 11 million people, and Jamaica is willing to meet the demands for these products. So, as Cuba increases its regional cooperation under its foreign investment law, it is necessary for us to demonstrate our interest in the Cuban market. It is through engagements like this trade fair that we will see the advancement of trade for Jamaica’s manufacturing and services sectors. [It is] another step forward in the Cuba-Jamaica relationship”, said Green.

The host country says the objective of Expo Caribe is to promote trade, foreign investment and the exchange of knowledge on topics of interest to the countries of the region, such as transport, commerce and multi-destination tourism. The exchange will also ensure that participants share experiences, best practices and development perspectives.

In line with the Government of Jamaica’s aim to strengthen its economic and commercial relations in Cuba, Expo Caribe will facilitate international exporters and importers to explore new markets and growth opportunities. This will act as a gateway for businesses in Jamaica to be granted access to the Cuban export market which will be beneficial to the Jamaican economy.

The delegation also includes head of Jamaica Promotions Corporation Dianne Edwards, along with representatives from five companies; GK Foods and Services Ltd, Free Form Factory Ltd, Jamaica Fleetwood Ltd, Continental Baking Company Ltd, and Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances.