Granger awaits GECOM’s advice pending High Court ruling on house-to-house registration

President David Granger on Thursday said he would await the Guyana Elections Commission’s (GECOM) advice after next week’s High Court decision on the fate of the house-to-house registration process.

He indicated that after GECOM Chairperson, Retired Justice Claudette Singh briefs him on the outcome of the August 15 meeting of the seven-member commission, Guyanese would have a clearer idea of when general elections would be held.

“Right now the government is very respectful of the role of the elections commission and once I receive advice from them or from the Chairman of the Commission, I will act on that advice and we expect that all Guyanese will respect the independent role of the elections commission and that we will proceed to general and regional elections in accordance with the work which that commission has to do,” the President said.

GECOM is expected to meet next Thursday one day after the High Court rules on requested orders by Christopher Ram for GECOM to abort house-to-house registration. It has been hinted that the government is eyeing a mid-December election date, and seemed somewhat willing to accept a voter’s list using the existing database of registrants.

President Granger reiterated that it is for GECOM to decide what is the best formula to generate a credible voters list and general elections.


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