Grange condemns violence against women

Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Olivia Grange, on Tuesday condemned the actions of gender-based violence against women.

Speaking to House of Representatives, Grange’s comments follow the murders of two women by their former partners on Sunday.

Nevia Sinclair was stabbed to death in her sleep allegedly by her ex-boyfriend. Sinclair’s death followed the murder of a Portmore woman earlier in the day by her common-law husband Jamaica Defence Force Corporal, Doran McKenzie. Reports are that McKenzie chopped and shot 34-year-old Suianne Easy early Sunday morning before turning the gun on himself.

Grange said these recent acts form part of the “horrific monster” of gender-based violence.
“It (gender-based violence) is a reflection of the culture of violence and silence and is reinforced by various structural and systemic inequalities in the home, in socio-economic systems and systems of justice,” the minister said.

Grange highlighted that figures published in the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Serious and Violent Crimes Review on Sunday, showed a decline in the number of rape cases.

 So far this year nine cases have been reported compared to 21 in the first 11 days of last year. 

The minister also noted that the private nature of gender-based violence can sometimes reduce the likelihood that the victim or witnesses will report the crime.


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