Gov’t looks to partners to up country’s cyber defence

NATIONAL Security Minister Dr Horace Chang says cyber defence is an expensive venture.

In his address at the opening of the Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Hilton Resort and Spa in St James on Tuesday, the minister noted that it is difficult for small countries to develop their own capacity, hence the importance of partnerships.

“In the process of collaborating we have to build our own capacity, which can be quite expensive and a challenge to smaller states. To this extent, as a Government, we are pursuing those lines in Jamaica, but looking at how we can collaborate is critical because we are aware that cyber defence is an expensive item and is difficult for small states to do it individually,” reasoned Dr Chang.

He argued that in order to identify, analyse and evaluate cyber threats, there is a need to maintain strategic partnerships. He said one such partnership that Jamaica has formed is a collaboration between Jamaica Cyber Incident Response Team and the Organization of American States (OAS) Inter-American Committee against Terrorism.

He added that Jamaica also has partnerships with the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom.

“Through these partnerships, we are working to develop an early warning system, which will include the Security Information and Event Management System network. This network will allow for a more proactive approach to cybersecurity, strengthened cooperation between the OAS member states, and, in turn, improve our cyber resilience which is critical to our security and our economic activity,” Dr Chang said.

The minister pointed to the importance of having a strong digitisation of government and cyber defence activities in place.


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