Government to Conduct a Technology Needs Assessment among Students in the Country

The Member of Parliament for Barbuda, Trevor Walker, wants the government to conduct a technology needs assessment among students in the country. Walker told parliament that many students are failing or falling through the cracks because of the unavailability of devices. Some students are subjected to remote learning because of Covid.

“I just hope the government will look at the situation. When it comes to devices I think the government can institute some sort of analysis to get some kind of means test done on families in different constituencies to really see who are in need of some of these devices.”

Meanwhile,Telecommunications Minister Melford Nicholas says that he understands the plight of peers, but some parents need to get their priorities right.

“Parents have got to set their priorities straight too. The average tablet that sells for $600, the average phone is probably $1500 and each and every student in this country has a cell phone. It says something about the priorities of some of our parents.’’

‘’If we know that the children’s education requires to have an access device, then I’m saying sacrifices can be made. I’m not saying that there are not students and there not parents who really have multiple children and fall through the cracks, I’m not saying that. We all as Parliamentary Representatives meet them and we reach out and we help them, but do not give the impression that there is more that this government could have done and have not done.” Nicholas added.


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