Government Suspends Prison Visits For Two Weeks

Minister of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour the Hon. Attorney General Steadroy Cutie Benjamin today met with heads of all departments under his supervision, along with members of the Bar Association to address protocols that will be established over the next two weeks, to limit the further outbreak of Covid-19.

Effective immediately all visits to Her Majesty’s Prison are suspended for a period of two weeks.

The drop off of items such as food and water are also suspended for that period. Additionally, nonessential work groups will not be allowed to leave the compound; the only group which will be permitted to leave the facility and return will be the Prison Farm Gang.

At the High Court, Criminal Assizes will be brought to an end immediately; and civil cases will be adjourned.

Trials already started will continue, and emergency applications will be dealt with. The Magistrates Court will continue to function under a very strict regulatory regime.

The Civil Registry will operate a next day service, where a drop box will be provided for drop offs, while emergency applications will be facilitated.

The Family Court will continue with scheduled appointments.


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