Government Looking To Train it’s Middle Managers At Five Islands Campus

The Principal of the Fourth UWI Landed Campus at Five Islands paid an official visit to the Cabinet at the invitation of the Prime Minister who wished to discuss several special roles which the UWI could play in making governance better in Antigua and Barbuda.

According to the cabinet notes the Cabinet asked the Principal to give consideration to making short-term training—of middle managers in the Government service—readily available at the UWI Five Islands Campus.

The recent cabinet notes said the decision is to keep attendance at UWI low-cost, in order to enable accessibility by those with limited means while building-up a world class university.

The notes said the Cabinet signaled its intention to build dormitories that would enable Caribbean citizens to choose Five Islands.

The Cabinet further agreed to strengthen security at the Campus in order to deter thieves from targeting this very important institution.

The cabinet notes added that criminals have targeted churches and schools to steal equipment and other valuables, when the population of students and teachers has left for the night.