Government Looking At Ways to Improve the Aesthetics of St John’s

The Cabinet recently met with a group to address issues related to the City of St. John’s, improving its aesthetics and laying out plans for the now-closed vendors mall on Thames Street (between Long and High Streets), and improving vending around the Public Market square area. The Executive Director of the St. John’s Development Corporation (SJDC) and an architect who had been tasked to develop a re-organization plan, presented visual images of the new and improved Thames Street Vendors Mall. A plan to harmonize the display kiosks which would be colorful and serve as a storage booth, would also improve the aesthetics considerably and make the area far more attractive than it was in the past with painted wooden huts. The three-dimensional images revealed order, beauty and utility. The aesthetic improvements around the Public Market environs would also ensure that there is uniformity in the display units on the outside of the market. Built-in stalls on the inside of the Public Market ensure uniformity and a high level of cleanliness—which food items on display deserve. The object is to bring that same level of attractiveness and beauty to the stalls on the outside. There would also be a limitation on the numbers along Market Street where both pedestrians and automobile traffic now compete for space with vendors and stalls.   The architect indicated to Cabinet that while the plan had not yet been costed, the next step would be to provide an estimate; the Government would wish to pursue funding from several international sources. The Caribbean Development Fund has already provided US$200,000 in a soft loan to address improvements in the capital city which welcomes more than 750,000 cruise tourists annually, and will see a dramatic increase when the OASIS Class ships begin to visit, discharging more than 6,000 tourists on every call next year. The presenters indicated their agreement to appear at the post-Cabinet press briefing tomorrow.


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