Government and Global Ports To Fight Case Brought By the Leader Of The UPP

The Chairman of Global Ports Holding (GPH) along with two of his advisers, and the Government’s lawyer, have been collaborating on fighting the frivolous case brought by the United Progressive Party (U.P.P.) Leader who is trying to retard the port project; acting as a lawyer, he has filed unwarranted lawsuits against the Government. According to the UPP Leader, the lawyer, told the Antigua and Barbuda public that a Judge of the High Court has determined that the lawsuits he filed have merit; that untruthful claim was rejected by the lawyer. There was no ex parte hearing. While the poorly argued and badly constructed pleadings submitted by the U.P.P. lawyer are indefensible, the Government’s lawyer would nevertheless arm himself, as any competent defense attorney should, with the appropriate responses in his submissions that are due in a few weeks. No precise date for a trial can be determined at this stage; however, a trial date will likely be several months away. In the meantime, Global Ports Holding Antigua confirmed that it has entered into a partnership with one of the major cruise lines, whose principals have expressed an interest in constructing its own on-land entertainment center for the benefit of its disembarking passengers. Further, the Carnival Cruise Lines vessels that an agent had hitherto announced were NOT stopping in Antigua, will in fact be making calls in Antigua during the 2019/2020 cruise tourism season, bringing even more passengers than in years past.