Government and Digicel reach agreement On Spectrum

Prime Minister Browne, has announced that a settlement has been achieved with Digicel over sharing the 850 megahertz band and the 900 megahertz band with APUA/PCS.

The recent released cabinet notes said that Digicel will transfer 2 megs of the 850 band and 9 megs of the 900 band to APUA. Digicel will also discontinue its lawsuit against the Government and APUA.

The APUA will now seek a final settlement with Cable and Wireless/FLOW for transfer of 3 megs of the 850 band.

APUA/PCS will then be able to offer more services to its growing customer base.

A few weeks ago the Antigua and Barbuda government had said that it remained committed to buying out the operations of Irish-owned telecommunications company, Digicel.

The government reiterated the plan as it announced new initiatives in its ongoing battle to have the island’s two foreign-owned companies share spectrum space with a state entity.

Digicel had defended its decision to secure a High Court order preventing the government from sharing any of the 850 MHz spectrum it has been allocated with the state-owned Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA).


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