Golding urges party to rebuild with unity and respect

“I believe in the power of unity to heal and restore,” said Mark Golding, Member of Parliament for St Andrew South, in a letter to delegates at the crucial National Executive Council (NEC) meeting on Sunday, as he solicited their support for his bid to lead the People’s National Party (PNP) forward. 

As the first PNP member to declare his candidacy for the presidency of the party after the September general elections defeat, Golding said his overriding duty to his party and to the people of Jamaica is the reason he has chosen to step forward at this time, and ask party delegates to believe with him that all is not lost.

“We have evidence that through organisation, resumption of our historic mission, and proper preparation; our supporters and the nation by extension will once again recognise that the PNP is the people’s party and the only hope to lead Jamaica in this new political era,” said Golding.

He sought to remind the NEC members that what has made the PNP strong is a philosophy that engenders “a culture of respect for each other and love for country and our party before self”.

He also admonished that the PNP commit to a strict policy of handling disagreements by internal and respectful discussions and making the structures of the party work as they should in the rebuilding process.


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