Four of five recounts go to PNM

Four of the five elec­toral seats on which the UNC re­quest­ed re­counts yes­ter­day, re­mained with the PNM while oth­er re­counts con­tin­ued last night.

The Elec­tions and Bound­aries Com­mis­sion (EBC) yes­ter­day re­vealed UNC had sought re­counts in five ar­eas.

One lim­it­ed re­count was al­so re­quest­ed in the Pe­nal-Debe cor­po­ra­tion area. The PNM had re­quest­ed that re­count con­cern­ing five of the 13 polling sta­tions in the La Ro­maine seat.

This fol­lows Mon­day’s Lo­cal Gov­ern­ment elec­tions where pre­lim­i­nary es­ti­mates showed the PNM and UNC each won sev­en of the 14 re­gion­al cor­po­ra­tions. On Mon­day the PNM won an es­ti­mat­ed 74 of the 139 Lo­cal Gov­ern­ment seats while UNC won 65. PNM’s seats de­creased be­neath the num­ber the par­ty won in the 2016 polls, but the UNC’s in­creased over its 2016 per­for­mance.

On Mon­day night the UNC had in­di­cat­ed it would seek re­counts in sev­er­al ar­eas where the par­ty lost nar­row­ly to PNM. Elec­tion rules (101 (1) al­lows can­di­dates or their elec­tion agents, to re­quest a fi­nal count from the Re­turn­ing Of­fi­cer in the elec­toral dis­trict where they con­test­ed. Re­quests had to be made by noon yes­ter­day.

UNC pub­lic re­la­tions of­fi­cer Ani­ta Haynes said the UNC had re­quest­ed re­counts in: Mara­bel­la West and Co­coyea/Tarou­ba (both in San Fer­nan­do Cor­po­ra­tion), Va­len­cia West (San­gre Grande) and Ma­yaro/Guayagua­yare (Ma­yaro Rio Claro Cor­po­ra­tion), Au­zonville/Tu­na­puna (Tu­na­puna /Pi­ar­co Cor­po­ra­tion).

Re­counts be­gan at 3 pm at the of­fices of the re­spec­tive Re­turn­ing Of­fi­cers.

By 6 pm, it was dis­closed the Mara­bel­la West re­count was com­plet­ed and that seat re­mained with the PNM. UNC al­so con­ced­ed on the Au­zonville/Tu­na­puna seat, af­ter two box­es were count­ed.


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