Forestry Commission gets GYD$350 million to pay salaries, utility bills

Workers of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) have gotten a GYD$350 million bail out to pay salaries to staff and utility bills, the Ministry of Natural Resources said Monday.

The Ministry of Natural Resources also said that before year-end workers would be paid their $25,000 bonus that had been announced in 2018 by the David Granger-led administration.

Natural Resources Minister, Vickram Bharrat has reportedly started discussions with the GFC and other stakeholders in the forestry sector to examine strategies ” to enhance the financial performance and management capabilities of this very important sector.”

The ministry said the GFC has been struggling to pay staff on time and finance other critical operational costs for several months.

Mr. Bharrat recently received a briefing on the state of financial affairs of the Forestry Commission which revealed “mismanagement of the sector” under the David Granger-led administration.

He was reportedly told that the GFC was struggling to pay staff on time and fund other critical operational costs for several months.

Meanwhile, Minister Bharrat has already commenced discussions with the Commission and other stakeholders within the forest sector to examine strategies for the sector to earn more money.


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