Foreign Minister Chet Greene Underscores the Role of Guyana In Antigua and Barbuda’s Development

The Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) is gearing up  for a two-day agro-processors trade show in Antigua on July 19th and 20th    at which 30 local entrepreneurs will participate.

The GMC along with the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Business will be putting on the trade fair where Guyanese fresh-food producers and processed-food producers will be able to market and sell their products in Antigua. The show which is coined “Guyana on Show Part Three” will be in collaboration with the Antiguan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.At a meeting that the GMC held with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Immigration of Antigua, Paul Chet Greene, General Manager of the GMC, Ida Sealey-Adams stated that they would have had two trade shows before in Antigua and they chose Antigua as the trade relations throughout the year have been good. “Guyana has enjoyed a good trade relationship with Antigua over the years. As a matter of fact, Antigua is our fourth largest exporting destination for fresh and agro-processed products regionally” Sealey-Adams said. The general manager added that they had thought of ways to improve on the current existing relationship with the country, expand trade and possibly provide for the large Guyanese diaspora in Antigua. She went on to say that the purpose of the meeting was to find ways to facilitate the trade show and opportunities to extend the relationship beyond the trade show…..