Food vendors report slow sales on first day out, as cops keep watch

A heavy police presence on Ariapita Avenue yesterday morning as officers kept a close eye on the crowd of people as they lined up to purchase their favourite meals from food vendors.

In some instances, officers issued stern warnings to vendors telling them they were responsible for ensuring no health protocols were broken.

Yesterday, food vendors and restaurants resumed operations after they were forced to close for more than two months due to the then rising COVID-19 cases.

And while people in the line for Sauce Doubles wore masks and tried to social distance, police officers reminded them about other restrictions.

“Put a sign that say order or once it have more than five people they sit in their car when the fifth person go or two people go then they come,” a WPC told the doubles vendors.

The police told them that the line should not exceed five people at a time and informed them that they were the ones responsible for controlling the crowds. She said if they could not do so they would face the consequences.

“When I pass here anybody have more than five persons I coming and shut down here…people taking it lightly and not obeying the public health regulations,” the WPC said.

After she left, two police officers stayed behind to control the traffic as more people showed up to purchase their favourite street food.

One of the vendors was seen sending people back to their vehicles once the line exceeded five people at a time.

But the capacity limit did not deter anyone.

One man told Guardian Media that the plan was to visit five doubles vendors throughout the morning.

“This is my third doubles stand I pass by, I don’t know if I go have room after these here to pass by a next one,” he said.

The line was just as long at Josh Best Doubles in St James.

A customer by the name of Mark, who bought three triples with a Coke, said he could not wait to eat.

“I feel full already and I ain’t eat it yet it’s been a while, I know my mouth going to spring water when I sit down in my van to eat this breakfast here, but it feels good,” he said.

An Employee of Josh Best Doubles, Robin Christian said he was happy to work again after months without an income.


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