FLOW accuses unregistered green energy businesses of stealing batteries

Telecommunications provider FLOW is cautioning members of the St James business community trying to go green to avoid using uncertified contractors and companies, some of whom he accused of using stolen telecommunications equipment in their trade.

Going green refers to taking steps to conserve energy, reduce pollution and save money.

“There are blossoming green energy businesses that are popping up islandwide who are stealing batteries. I am putting the blame squarely there,” asserted Stephen Price, country manager of FLOW Jamaica.

He added: “I know a lot of you in this room are looking at making sure that you become more and more energy-efficient [but] please use certified and qualified contractors and not the fly-by-night kind of contractors who are just bringing and using stolen equipment from across the telecoms space to do this.”

Price was addressing a recent Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting in St James at the chamber’s Overton Plaza office.

In April, the police reported that a man was caught using FLOW’s batteries to power a sound system in Norwood, St James. During that police operation, more than 40 cell site batteries, stolen from Trelawny and St Ann and valued at some $2.5 million were recovered.

The theft of the company’s batteries is among the issues affecting the quality of service the business community in the second city is receiving.