Flight from Jamaica makes emergency landing at Miami airport

A screenshot from footage of an American Airlines aircraft that made an emergency landing at the Miami International Airport after departing Jamaica

An American Airlines plane, which departed from Jamaica, had to make an emergency landing at Miami International Airport this morning, reportedly due to hydraulic problems. No one was injured.

According to US media, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded to the runway just before 11:00 am today. 

One tire was blown out after it landed on Runway 9, reported 7News Miami (WSVN.com), adding that American Airlines officials said the plane was believed to have left Jamaica with a bad tire.

The pilot shut off the engine on the left side of the plane after hydraulic fluid leaked onto the runway, the report continued.

American Airlines officials released the following statement after the emergency landing:

“American Airlines flight 2370 from Kingston, Jamaica to Miami, Florida made an emergency landing upon arrival because of damage to a tire. Our pilots landed the Boeing 737-800 aircraft safely, and it was towed to the gate. The 172 passengers and six crew members on board are all okay and deplaned normally.”