Finance minister calls for increased domestic investments

Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Nigel Clarke, says there is need for greater levels of local investments, in order to sustain Jamaica’s economic growth.

“We have had a lot of foreign investment. But I don’t think domestic investment has yet been unleashed in the way that it can and ultimately will,” he said.

The minister was speaking at the Destination Experience Masters of Industry Reception, which was held at the Mercedes Benz showroom on South Camp Road in Kingston on April 5.

Clarke noted that the Government has been working to restore economic stability through the implementation of policies that “encourage and incentivise greater levels of domestic and foreign investment”.

“We believe that the environment today and the policy choices we have made will encourage domestic investment to be unleashed in Jamaica in ways that it hasn’t in a long period of time,” he said.

The finance minister argued that while ongoing economic reform has resulted in 16 consecutive quarters of growth, there is need for greater value-added in the country’s production and output.