Fifteen Litter Wardens to be Employed As Government Gets Tough With Litter Bugs

The Cabinet Has agreed that 15 new Litter Wardens, with increased enforcement powers conferred under the recently-passed Act, will be employed. According to the government,their primary role would be to pursue those who continue to litter the streets and the highways, who dump garbage in places where the law forbids dumping, and who contribute to making the country appear untidy and unkempt. The government has Also announced that a period of training and public education would precede their deployment across the five zones into which the country is divided. The public is forewarned that the fines to be imposed for the illegal activity are intended to be a deterrent. The objective is to make Antigua and Barbuda a clean and environmentally sustainable country. The owners of abandoned cars, especially, parked along the nation’s streets and roads will also be targeted for removal, following a big X placed on the abandoned vehicles by the Police.