Father and son shot dead while sleeping

A father and son were shot dead as they slept on their beds at their Diego Martin home on Saturday night.

Dead are Adlai Lewis, 49, and his 29-year-old son Che.

The incident occurred around 11.20 pm on Saturday at First Trace, Bagatelle Road, Diego Martin.

This double murder comes four months after Adlai’s stepson, Abisaja John, 45, was shot dead under eerily similar circumstances.

John, better known by his alias Food, was shot dead in bed at First Trace, Bagatelle, Diego Martin in July.

His five-year-old son who was spending the night by him discovered his dead body.

On Saturday night John’s step-father and brother were also killed in their beds.

According to police reports Lewis and his son were asleep when gunmen stormed their home and opened fire.

The gunmen then escaped.

Residents in the area contacted police and when the officers arrived the duo were found dead in their beds with multiple gunshot wounds about their bodies.

Photos and video footage of the two bloodied bodies were eventually posted on several social media sites with some users saying to do so was disrespectful to the grieving families.

A relative who spoke to Guardian media said it was hurtful to see their relatives plastered across social media.

She described Adlai as a “quiet and humble man.”

No motive has been determined for the killing yet but investigators are looking at the possible link to John’s murder.

The murder count currently stands at 354.


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