Face to face classes for vaccinated and unvaccinated Secondary students To Start Monday Nov 22nd.

The Cabinet invited the acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO), the Director of Education and the Director of Pharmaceutical Services to its meeting.

The meeting agreed that the global figures within all secondary schools indicate that herd immunity has been achieved and more than 80% of the secondary school student population is now vaccinated.

In balancing the benefits against the risks, the Cabinet has agreed that face-to-face learning of all Secondary School students, whether vaccinated or not, shall commence on Monday, November 22, 2021. It was also agreed that the Ministry will conduct sessions with parents of un-vaccinated students, the object being to inform of the necessity to act now and not to delay in getting their children vaccinated. All students who attend classes and are still not vaccinated, will be subject to a COVID-19 test every two weeks. There will be no charges for these tests. 


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