ExxonMobil says interim permit for chemical warehouse was too risky

Country Manager of ExxonMobil, Rod Henson on Monday said if the United States (US)-headquartered Nalco Champion (Guyana) Inc. had decided to sign on to an interim 12-month permit to establish a chemical warehouse in Georgetown, that would have been risky for the projected start of commercial oil production early next year.

“There were some conditions in which we could be shut down and with the importance of first oil, we really couldn’t take that lack of certainty in the short term so we’re going to start operations outside of Guyana,” Henson told reporters. He confirmed that Nalco would be shifting its Guyana operations to neighbouring Trinidad from where it would serve ExxonMobil’s operations offshore Guyana.

The ExxonMobil official said Nalco was not giving up on establishing its warehouse in Guyana. “Meanwhile, Nalco is working in parallel to bring those operations into Guyana as quickly as possible,” he said.


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