End the social media talk

A Roman Catholic priest is calling for an end to the social media war concerning the circumstances around the deaths of Corileus Barrow and his children.

Father Clement Paul of the St Patrick’s Church in Jemmott’s Lane, St Michael, told the congregation attending a memorial service on Thursday that hate and anger only served to give death victory.

“Stop the Facebook talk; it’s not helping. Don’t even read it. Stop the social media [war]; you cannot undo the past – no manner of anger or revenge can undo yesterday, but you can make tomorrow better by living in God today.

“When we keep destroying each other with the things we say, then death and hopelessness has won. This evening let us thank God for their lives and be thankful death is not the end,” Paul said.

Barrow and his children, Riordan, 22 months, and Reya-Anna, eight months, perished last month in an explosion which triggered a fire in their Regency Drive, Warrens Park South apartment in St Michael.


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