EMS Come In For High Praise

One grateful survivor is giving the Antigua and Barbuda Emergency Medical Services (ABEMS) the thumbs up for their outstanding performance during a call that saved his life.
Words of high commendations were issued by Dwaine Joseph whose life was saved on the morning of Sunday August 4th, during an incident which started at the Royalton Hotel.
According to an EMS official, they received a call saying that an employee at the Royalton resort had fainted and after arriving and assessing the patient, the gentleman was packaged and transported to the Mount St John Medical Center..
But while enroute to MSJMC, Joseph, who is a chef by profession went in and out of consciousness and even became unresponsive.
After checking the patient and finding no pulse, EMT Deshawn Phillip instructed fellow Technician Jamal Griffiths to perform CPR on the patient which proved to be a life saver because the patient was revived after twelve compressions.
In a post on his Facebook page, Joseph recounted the incident and showered words of praise to the Medical Team for their professionalism and said that he is grateful to GOD for his mercy.
EMT Dottie Walker was the driver of the Ambulance on that call.