Education Ministry Expells Two Secondary School Students

The Ministry of Education continues to send a clear message that bullying will not be tolerated.

To this end, the Ministry has expelled two secondary school students for appearing in a video that has gone viral and shows them bullying another student.

The video shows one student, placing a cord from an electrical fan around another male student’s neck.

The Director of Education  Clare Browne indicated that the decision to expel the students was taken following a hearing on Thursday.

“we actually showed the video to the students only and persons inclusive of persons that we felt were seen clapping and encouraging the process,’’ browne said.

Browne went on to indicate  that at the end of the hearing,the ministry took the decision that the student who was seen in the video  rapping a cord,  around  another student’s neck should be expelled.

The Director of Education also disclosed that the student who recorded the video and who was encouraging the process was also expelled.

He said that as the investigations continue, the other students who were involved,will be held accountable.

 Clare Browne pointed out that every parent in the country, must feel safe to send their children to school .

The Director of Education added that the Ministry of Education will continue to enforce  it’s zero tolerance policy with ragards to  bullying.