Education director express high hopes for the new school year

Students, teachers, parents and others are being encouraged to embrace the new school year and everything it has to offer, despite the difficulties of the pandemic. Director of education, Clare Brown provided those words of encouragement ahead of the re-opening of schools today. The majority of students on the island will recommence remote learning for the next three weeks while new students will be limited to face to face interaction. 

The ministry is determined to maintain the high standard of education to ensure that every child is able to succeed, however action will be required on the part of each child. The role of parents and guardians were also highlighted in the process, with the director appealing to them to continue on the path to supporting the success of their children.

“As a parent myself, I have great admiration for those parents who provide unflagging support to their children and who are fully committed to ensuring that they are equipped and ready for the new school year. Parenting in today’s dynamic world is no easy task, your decisions and actions are integral to how well your children are able to navigate unprecedented forces of these times”