Eden Lodge crime worry

Eden Lodge in St Michael appears to be one of the more crime-filled areas of Barbados, with fearful residents reporting of hearing gunshots almost daily and of hiding in their homes.

That’s according to the Fear Of Crime survey commissioned by the Criminal Justice Research and Planning Unit. It was presented yesterday by senior research officer Kim Ramsay at the University of the West Indies Graduate Studies Building at Lazaretto, Black Rock, St Michael.

“The people in Eden Lodge said they are extremely concerned about the level of crime in their community because they said there is shooting almost every day and a lot said they don’t leave home after 6 p.m.,” she said.

The criminal researcher said Eden Lodge kept appearing negatively in the survey and suggested greater attention be paid to crime there. She said most residents said crime was on the rise in their neighbourhood, with the most crimes being gun-related.

The survey also included five other at-risk neighbourhoods, hot spots that are economically deficient, featured poor housing stock, unemployed and low-skill residents, pockets of gang-related activities and block settings.


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