Dover residents hoping for nod on injunction

SOME RESIDENTS in Dover, Christ Church, are hoping the injunction attorney Lalu Hanuman is seeking against ongoing construction on two Sandals Resorts sites works out in their favour.

Hanuman said in yesterday’s SUNDAY SUN that he had petitioned the High Court to impose an injunction on construction company Jada Builders Inc and/or subcontractors from carrying out work on the two properties outside of the reasonable working hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday, and on Sundays and bank holidays. The hearing is set for November 4.

When contacted yesterday, Jada’s managing director Philip Tempro said he would reach out to the hotel’s management before making comment. Jada is also working further along the Dover strip at the Ocean’s Two site.

The suit complained about the beep-beep of reversing vehicles on the Sandals site, which can be heard from the claimant’s bedroom at night; the shouts of workers; incessant hammering of metal shuttering; blowing of numerous ZR horns as they competitively race around trying to collect workers at the end of work shifts; and the tooting of horns by truck drivers as they pass each other on the road.


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