Dominica make contribution to LIAT’s “sustenance and sustainability”

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has reiterated Dominica’s commitment to contribute to the “sustainability and sustenance” of LIAT which he says is critical to the region.

He made that statement ahead of a meeting in Antigua on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 to discuss inter-regional air travel.

“The issue of the sustainability and the sustenance of LIAT is a very critical one which occupies the minds of every single citizen in our region,” Skerrit said. “LIAT is too important for us as a region not to recognize the need for each of us in whatever small way we can to make a contribution to the sustainability and sustenance of LIAT.”

He said that one has to appreciate the tremendous economic dislocation it would cause to every single country in the region if LIAT were to go under.

“And this is why Dominica is committed in its humble way, to make a contribution to LIAT’s sustenance and its sustainability because we in Dominica appreciate the importance of LIAT to the economy of Dominica,” he stated. “We do not have a largesse of funds but the little that we have or the little that we do not have, we will certainly make a contribution to LIAT sustainability and sustenance.”

Skerrit indicated that he believes that countries within the Caribbean need to recognize the importance of LIAT.