Dominica bans single-use plastic bags

rime Minster Roosevelt Skerrit says the ban on single-use plastic bags will take effect from 2020.

He said that about a 100,000 re-usable shopping bags will be imported to Dominica and will be provided to households on the island.

“The banning of single-use plastic bags will take effect in 2020 and in anticipation of that, we are bringing in about 100,000 reusable shopping bags that we are giving to households in Dominica so that the average person who may not have the ability to have a bag, we will give you a bag so that there will be no excuse why you want to use single use plastic bags in Dominica,” he said on the state-owned DBS radio.

Skerrit said that the government is removing taxes and duties on bio-degradable items in order “to make it more affordable to every Dominican to have access to biodegradable items”.

He told radio listeners that people depend on the sea and land for food and cautioned that, “if we do not conserve and protect them, as well as rivers and streams, there will be a problem”.

Skerrit said it is not about international obligation or press, but it’s about doing things that are fundamentally beneficial to Dominica.