Doctors Bennett, Mansingh return to CWI medical panel

amaican doctors Donovan Bennett and Akshai Mansingh have returned to the Cricket West Indies (CWI) medical panel after vacating their respective positions 18 months ago due to disagreements with the previous administration.

Dr Bennett, who has agreed to retake the role as the medical panel chairman, said the change of heart came about after Jamaican Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron was ousted by Kittitian Ricky Skerritt in the CWI president race in March.

“My reason [for previously resigning from the panel] was the interference in the operations of the medical panel by people who didn’t have the expertise so to do,” Bennett, the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) first vice-president, said during a telephone interview yesterday.

“It’s a change in administration and I’m confident that I will be given the necessary tools to do what needs to be done. I’m also confident that there won’t be any interference from the people who are at the top now,” he explained to the Jamaica Observer.

Bennett, a retired anaesthesiologist, had quit the CWI medical panel in December 2017, citing “difficulties in carrying out” his duties due to a lack of “respect” given to him and his peers by the Cameron-led board.

Only days before that Mansingh had stepped down as a panel member, telling the Observer that an “untenable” working relationship with the board — mostly borne from incidents he viewed as obstructionist — was his reason.

Orthopaedic surgeon Mansingh, who is also named a non-member director on the CWI board, declined to provide details when contacted yesterday, but did confirm accepting both roles.

“I won’t say much, but I can tell you I’m happy to contribute once again to West Indies cricket,” Mansingh said.

Amidst the turmoil within the panel in late 2017, Dr Renee Best had also resigned. Best is another to rejoin the panel which also includes Dr Isreal Dowlat, sport scientist Dr Neval Grazette, nutritionist Marquito Webb and physiotherapist Dr Oba Gulston.

Aside from Bennett, Mansingh and GraceKennedy Group CEO Don Wehby, who was named chairman of the Governance Committee last month, several Jamaicans are to be appointed by the CWI board.

Local cricket boss Wilford “Billy” Heaven is to serve as chair of the Finance Committee, while JCA treasurer Kerry Scott is set to become one of its members.

When contacted yesterday, Heaven chose not to comment on the Finance Committee role, but the Observer understands that the CWI leadership is to ratify appointments at a board meeting in early June.

Other Jamaicans identified for CWI positions include JCA second vice-president Fritz Harris (Cricket Committee member); JCA assistant secretary Clinton Clarke (Communications and Commercial Affairs Committee member); and great former West Indies wicketkeeper Jeffrey Dujon (Disciplinary Tribunal member).